Support Support

    Technical Support and After-sale Service  

     Provide customer with reliable and cost-effective emergency satellite solution

    Assist customer to deal with business of renting satellite transponders and timely open the emergency satellite  communication channel so as to meet the emergency communication.

    Provide customer with booklets of installation, operation, maintenance and suitable customized technical training, guiding customer in installation, commissioning and daily maintenance of the whole system.

     Support customer to solve various problems occurred in process of operating.

     2 or 3 -years guarantee free of charge for all types of antenna.

     Over the guarantee period, life-time reparation will be offered with repairing cost paid only.

     Immediate response and answers to the problems of operating within8 hours after phoned by customer.

     Spare parts will be provided within 8 hours to replace the damaged one.

    Department of Integration

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    Technical Service Department

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    Purchasing Department

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    Title: Purchasing specialist

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