New Product: Portable Satellite Communication Terminal

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Portable Satellite Communication Terminal 

Production Type£ºOS-PSCT15


Portable satellite communication terminal £¨OS-PSCT15£©is miniaturization of satellite communication terminal system, which designed to face emergency communication and monitor system problem by Shaanxi Ousai Communication Science&Technology Co.Ltd. Can be widely used in national defense, military, oil, gas, civil air defense, weather report, transportation, telecommunications, electricity, and transportation industry.


Key Features

1. Advanced technology , program mature, stable and reliable;

2.Point-to-point connections, and can be expanded into a star network;

3.To integrate satellite MODEM, network switches, video server and a laptop

4.Network Link Data rate can be adjusted to 2.4 Kbps - 5 MBPS

5.Adopt TPC coding technique to improve the bandwidth efficiency and save power;

6.LAN interconnection, voice, video and data transmission are supported.


Major technical index

Operating system WINDOWS7 PRO

Display type     TFT LCD SCREEN

Operating temperature   0¡æ¡«55¡æ

Weight    10KG

storage temperature   -30¡æ¡« 60 ¡æ