The Improved 1.2m Automatic Portable Servo Passing the Authenticate

2012/8/29 10:13:08 Click£º

          OSAI 1.2m automatic portable emergency satellite communication servo on base of minitype back feed antenna won Shanxi technology praise and pass the authenticate.
          1.2m Ku band automatic portable satellite communication servo, type OS-PA12V3, is our self-research and developed emergency satellite product.
           It meets customers¡¯ demand of convenient carrying, quickly tracking satellite, easy collecting and simple operating. And it has special design for its integration, size, weight, stiffness and stability, reliability and operation of the device which qualified it to award numbers of national patent.   


1..2m automatic portable antenna stretching status 

  1..2m automatic portable antenna folding status 

                    1..2m automatic portable antenna packing case